When working with modeling clay creating something children are familiar with such as animals can be a good place to start. Crayola air dry clay this is a white clay that is very soft and easy to work with.

Modeling Clay Animals Books Clay Crafts Easy To Follow Projects In

How to create clay animals method 1 rolling clay snakes.

Modeling clay animals easy. Keeping proportions in mind recreate those simple shapes in clay eg. This will be your dogs body. Method 2 making clay snails.

Divided into four sections the book instructs on making models of animals of the garden animals of the farm animals of the sea and animals at the zoo. It presents easy to follow step by step directions for making whimsical little animals out of modeling clay. Choose two different colors of clay.

Method 3 sculpting clay dogs. Designing animal figurine with air dry clay or other modeling clay is easy fast when you follow my free tutorials. Method 4 creating clay birds.

Today you will learn via photo tutorials how to make some of the cutest diy polymer clay animals. Oval for body columns for legs etc. All sorts of animals can be made out of modeling clay.

Polymer clay is a wonderful craft project medium that can be used to make so many beautiful things. Preview of the kids app hey clay animals. Roll a piece of clay between your fingers.

The best recommended clay for these awesome and easy clay projects for beginners is air dry clay which is either white or grey. It is versatile and colorful and adds a dimension of 3d depth to your projects that cant be compared to other mediums. In this video you can learn to model a clay pig a clay.

Air dry clay is super versatile and inexpensive. The downside is that the finished dried pieces are delicate and can easily break especially fine details like tails and ears. Felt tip pens and pencils.

Its also inexpensive and widely available. Start with a thick oval shaped ball. Toothpicks skewers and drinking straws.

This great step by step diy app shows kids how to model clay animals with modelling clay. Its also inexpensive and widely available. With a little time your child can even create his own special farm of modeling clay animals.

Basic materials youll need. White and blue tissue paper. White and colored cardstock paper.

Modeling clay tools and a small paintbrush. For long legged animals will need to make legs much thicker than in nature so. If youre confused which clay to buy your best choices are grey clay terracotta clay and air dry white clay.

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